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About us


Currently, PRO INVEST is an authorized importer and distributor of globally well-known brands: SAINT GOBAIL, MICHELIN, GOOD YEAR, CONTINENTAL. The reputation of these companies proves our commitment to high-quality products and services.

PRO INVEST grows every year, with the help of a dynamic and experienced team, defined by its professional interactions with our customers.

Our company’s development strategy aims to continuously improve our relations with our business partners. This website is not only our electronic interface, but also our invitation towards a constructive dialogue with the PRO INVEST TEAM.

What we want to do

  • to develop a strong brand, capable of satisfying our partners’ quality requirements;
  • to support a business partnership model based on professional solutions, mutual benefit and flexibility;
  • to become a trusted supplier for customers in construction and home improvement;
  • to increase the value and prestige of the company and of our partners through the betterment of our offer in solutions suited to market requirements.

What we want to offer:

In essence, the PRO INVEST mission is the promise of a trust-based partnership through which we wish to offer:

  • high-quality products and services, promoted through strong and durable brands;
  • the experience and reliability of our specialists in efficient technical solutions;
  • quick and easy access at a diverse offer through free delivery, flexible payment and specialist assistance.