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Thermal products

For our clients we offer only the best! Under the Rofortis brand, you will find some of the highest quality products, as when it comes to safety there is no room for compromises. We sell certified products that abide to the European and international standards.


The insulated stainless steel chimneys, connecting elements, hearths and accessories included in our portfolio are designed to bring safety and comfort into your home. Together with our teams of professionals who will oversee the installation and maintenance of our chimney systems, we will ensure that the end result is according to your expectations (and most importantly safe).

Thermal insulation

Did you know that 57% of energy consumption is generated by heating ? Thermal insulation has become a necessity for any new construction project or one dedicated to remodeling and renovations.

A well-implemented thermal insulation will significantly reduce costs, especially in those harsh winter months. That is why it is advisable to use quality materials at every step – even a simple insulation corner can make a difference in the long run.


PRO INVEST comes to your aid with a wide range of plaster profiles, aluminum, PVC, and various types of corners, essential for any thermal insulation work. Not only that, but our professionals are here to help you make the right decisions.


Any space needs a well-planned ventilation system, regardless if the ventilation is done naturally or artificially. Properly designed ventilation will greatly help to eliminate moisture, and humidity (especially in rooms prone to moisture such as bathroom, and kitchen) regardless of the season.


In the PRO INVEST catalog, you will find all the necessary materials for installing a ventilation system that will make the air circulation far more efficient.


Plumbing is much more than just fixing or installing a faucet. Basically, it represents all the circuits of cold and hot water, heating, and sewerage in a house, which ensures good functionality and safety. Not only that, but sanitary installations must meet certain technical specifications and European standards.


Our specialists have carefully chosen all the sanitary installation products available in our catalog–the selection criteria were based on quality. Not only that, but you will be able to buy the products at an affordable price.

Polyurethane foams

PRO INVEST provides clients with a wide range of polyurethane foams that can be used without any restrains in various remodeling or renovating projects. In our catalog, you will discover several types of polyurethane foams, to ensure that you have at hand all the right products needed for your work.


For PRO INVEST, quality comes first, thus we created and developed the SUPER PRO brand, which also includes a wide range of polyurethane foams. SUPER PRO is equivalent to professionalism and quality.

Sealants and adhesives

Although adhesives and sealants are not on top of the list for most remodeling or renovating projects, they are absolutely essential for a high-quality and long-lasting end result. We offer a large variety of adhesives and sealants, suitable for all types of renovations and remodeling (whether destined for interior or exterior).


The SUPER PRO brand also includes quality adhesive and sealant products at affordable prices. It all starts with you asking for a quotation!

Sealing profiles

Regardless of your plans and goals, PRO INVEST stands by you with the products you need for any type of construction, remodeling, or renovation initiative.


Sealing profiles play an important role in the assembly process and in the joining of the profiles that come in contact with several parts of the construction (floor, ceiling, walls). Every detail counts and we’re here to help you make the right choices!

Adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes, if used carefully, can help eliminate irregularity and unevenness of surfaces, absorb shocks, reduce corrosion, and can also be used in positioning elements in a fixed place.


The use of adhesive tapes is extensive and they are an indispensable product in any remodeling, renovation, and construction project.


In the SUPER PRO brand you will find various types of adhesive tapes that are suitable for any type of project. Discover our offer today!


Whether the goal is renovating or remodeling, sprays (or varnish, paint) can make the job considerably easier and improve the final look. In the PRO INVEST catalog, you will find a wide range of sprays based on active solvents (for surface cleaning), zinc-based (for protection against corrosion), and mineral-based or universal degreasers to remove impurities.


The list goes on — and because we know how essential a quality spray is, we’ve included them in the SUPER PRO product line. Enjoy impeccable results with SUPER PRO sprays!


When it comes to the most commonly used tools for renovations (trowel, grinder, roller, spatula, etc.), hand tools (pliers, patents, wrenches, etc.), construction tools (drills, protective equipment, etc.), you can be certain that you will find them in the PRO INVEST catalog.


We know how important it is to have high-quality tools at hand, so we have only included in our offer products that we can recommend full-heartedly. Prices will not disappoint either!


Rarely one pays attention to a screw or a nut, however, these are essential elements, as any construction project can’t be completed without the right pair of screws. And instead of letting you look for the “screw in the haystack”, we have organized our catalog in such a way that you’ll have visibility on all essential parts and elements required for a successful assembly.


You can choose from dozens of products with different diameters and sizes — suitable for any project!


Going to a barbecue or you’d much rather prefer sledding in the snow? Depending on the season, your attention can be directed either to some interesting barbecue discounts (of different sizes and equipment) or towards sleds, suitable for those beautiful and majestic snow days. Lucky for you, we have them both-all you have to do is ask!


Also, PRO INVEST offers you a wide range of car air fresheners, which can be used at any time regardless of the season.